Who Is the Committee?

Settlement Committee

Stephen Barnes 

Teneille Brown

Jamie Clinton-Lont

Cathy Dupont

Riley Drage

Ciara Gregovich

Lisa Himonas

Kristy Jones

Brent Kelsey

Varonica Little

Mary Jo McMillen

Jennifer Plumb

Tom Ross

Brian Shiozawa

Robert Simpson

Noella Sudbury 

Nick Weaver

The Opioid Settlement Advisory Committee (OSAC) is a part of the Utah Opioid Task Force (UTOTF). The UTOTF was formed within the Utah Attorney General's Office in 2017.

OSAC Committee Members come from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise.  Each member brings knowledge and experience critical to understanding and working in the Opioid Crisis space.  

Individuals do not necessarily represent any organization or agency in this setting.  They represent subject matter expertise that can be used to benefit Utahns impacted by opioids.  All members serve on a voluntary non-compensated basis.  

Areas of Expertise Include:

Treatment and Recovery 

Addiction Medicine

Treatment Systems 

Public Health

Harm Reduction

Law Enforcement/Public Safety

Legal and Justice Systems


Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Health Systems

Public Policy

Opioid Overdose Prevention

Lived Experience with Substance Use

Family Members

Combining Subject Matter Expertise with 
Public Opinion

The Settlement Committee Members identified several additional subject matter experts (SME) from communities around the state. These SME are also completing a survey to assess opioid spending priorities across the spectrums of their arenas.  These results will be combined with the results of the broad public facing survey to create a "Utah Opioid Crisis Response Blueprint: A Guide for Opioid Settlement Investments."  

This Blueprint document will be shared with policymakers and stakeholders to assist them in their consideration of ways to utilize opioid litigation settlement funds.  

The aim is to reduce the impact of the Opioid Crisis across Utah's communities and to use evidence-based strategies that maximize these crucial resources.